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La Vallee Divine Spring White Cowslip



Swirling and snaking through the wide open landscape, La Vallée Divine follows the path of the river Dive and forms a serene, protective oasis of life-giving water. About 75 km long and a tributary of the Thouet, the river Dive has its source at Maisonneuve and crosses the departments of the Vienne, the Deux-Sèvres and Maine-et-Loire. 


There is a profound serenity along this ancient sanctuary, a feeling of being far from everything, as if its beauty is there for you only. Walks through the fertile valley are super tranquil and you will find plenty of signs and information posts all along the river, guiding your way and teaching you about all the medicinal plants, flowers and herbs which have been used since ancient times and still thrive here in protected solitude. In the spring and summer season you can fish trout in the river. The valley is home to deer, wild boar, owls, bats, hares, foxes, pheasants, partridges, storks, cranes, coypu, snakes and birds of prey and you have a good chance of stumbling upon one or the other during your walk or cycle ride.

La Sente Divine des Plantes Sacrees Saint Chartres
Weir River Dive Saint Chartres

La Sente Divine is a walking route that runs along the river Dive between Sauzeau and La Grimaudière. The trails are accessible from Sauzeau (Ouzilly-Vignolles), Moncontour, Saint-Chartres and La Grimaudière. The route is fully marked and through a system of shortcuts allows hikers to compose their route in loops of 10, 15, 20 and 25 km.

Here is a MAP of La Sente Divine.

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