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In 2011 we changed direction and moved to France to find space, calm and simplicity. To do the things we both enjoy doing and, in the process, live a more moderate life in which we can be increasingly self-sufficient and independent. And in many ways we have managed to do that.
Life here is slow. There is a quiet solitude, a natural rhythm, a connection with something different. The stillness calms your mind into contemplation about what really counts. We know the place has this effect on many of our visitors, no matter how short or how long they stay. 


We hope our website shows how much we value quality, durability and simplicity. In our everyday life, we focus on not wasting anything and that ranges from limiting water and energy usage to repairing broken items and reusing existing materials. With the health of our environment in mind we aim to:


  • Not use any bottled water. Our tap water​ is of very good quality and great taste and is absolutely fine to drink. So no plastic bottle waste here. 

  • Recycle as much as possible. Most of our renovation is carried out by reusing materials already present in the house or by sourcing reclaimed items locally, Walls are traditionally lime plastered and floors use original wood, natural stone and decorative cement and terracotta tiles. Outside we use our own reclaimed stone to build walls and borders and we nourish flower and vegetable beds with leaf mulch, grass cuttings, twigs and branches derived from our own trees, shrubs and meadows. Our farmer friends in the village provide us with straw and simple animal feed. 

  • Never throw away food.

  • Eliminate as much as possible the use of single-use plastic.

  • Separate and recycle all household waste.

  • Use only durable items and products. In fact, we rarely buy new and most of our household and interior consists of old items which we have had all our lives or have bought second hand and put to new use. 

  • Grow our own food biologically. Our potager provides us with fruits and vegetables during all seasons - natural ingredients free of any chemicals and bursting with wholesome goodness. We try as much as possible to use seeds and sets produced by previous crops. 

  • Not use herbicides, pesticides or other products harmful to flora and fauna.

  • Leave our farm animals to roam freely, to follow their own natural rhythms and to raise their young naturally. 

  • Support local businesses and use local services whenever possible. 

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